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Forget about RLOD, focus on your ride experience!

This unique, innovative and easy to use solution allows to unlock your Boosted XR battery (B2XR) to its full potential without having to worry about the fatal RLOD error.

Amazing features

  • Clear RLOD flag in seconds
  • Reset a frozen battery (locked faint green blink) in seconds
  • Check the battery balance in seconds
  • Preserve long range
  • Unique style
  • Easy to use
  • Deeply tested on firmwares 2.1.7 and 2.5.1
  • Fun fact: coded with DOOM 3 code style convention

How to use

    Press the B2XR push button until you see the custom animation (takes about 5 [s]).

    The RLOD or frozen state is automatically cleared.

    Do always verify the balance is below 100 [mV] before riding your board. If that isn't the case, let in on the charger! Watch the above video to see the process and understand how to read the balance!

    Please read the FAQ!

How to order

    DISCLAMER: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, you must understand adding a modchip in a battery is a risky operation. Read the FAQ and the installation procedure before ordering!

    Buy: I am leaving planet earth for a few weeks, the store will come back the 5th of September 2022.
    You can buy your modchip here: store

    If you have questions, you can contact me by email to: pro(at)

How to install

    If you have great soldering skills, use this procedure.

    Otherwise, please consider the recommended technicians:
    • Europe: To Be redefined
    • USA and CANADA: look for someone in the discord!

    Do you have the required skills and are willing to be listed here? Please contact me: pro(at) or reddit


    Q: What is this thing?
    A: AMNESIA is the world's first battery skateboard modchip. It allows to display the balance voltage, clear the RLOD flag and reset a frozen battery, ANYTIME!

    Q: How to activate the AMNESIA?
    A: The modchip stays passive until you activate it by keeping the B2XR push button pressed for 5 [s] or more. You will notice the amnesia pattern followed by the balance display! In the meantime, the RLOD flag gets cleared.

    Q: When should I verify the balance voltage?
    A: Before riding, do always verify you have less than 100 [mV]. Otherwise, let your battery plugged in the charger. In the worst case scenario, the balancing process may take up to several weeks.

    Q: How do I read the balance voltage?
    A: Count the number of time each led blinks. Please check the video at the top of this page!

    Q: Can I activate the modchip while charging?
    A: Yes, but this is not recommended, simply don't do it!

    Q: Does it work on all firmwares?
    A: Deeply tested on 2.1.7 and 2.5.1, it should also work with other versions. Please let me know if your install succeeded!

    Q: Do I need the modchip if I have a firmware >= 2.5.1 ?
    A: It is a must, despite more robust, these firmwares can still trigger RLOD and stay in a frozen state forever (faint green light blink non-stop)!

    Q: Does it always clear RLOD?
    A: The flag is always cleared, the RLOD can only reappear if the condition that initiated the fault is still present after the AMNESIA process.

    Q: What if I am running firmware 2.1.7 and get RLOD because of unbalanced issue?
    A: The cells have an "elastic" effect meaning that the balance voltage will decrease after use. This can take some time (days). You will most likely be able to clear it and this time, keep it on the charger for a long time! Don't forget to check how balanced the cells are... before riding!
    For cells with leakage problems and that gets RLOD just by staying in storage this "elastic" behavior won't be there as the cell gets dischaged very very slowly. To avoid this, please do carefuly monitor the balance voltage and let it on the charger!

    A: What if my 2.1.7 battery has permanently more than 500 mV?
    Q: You will need to open and manually balance the battery because the RLOD will automatically be retriggered. WARNING: If the cell is damaged (too low voltage for lithium) replace it, do not attempt to recharge it!

    Q: When is my battery considered balanced?
    A: 100 [mV] or less are considered as properly balanced!

    Q: Is the AMNESIA modchip safe?
    A: Yes, it has been engineered with security in mind including :
    • Watchdog for increased stability.
    • Debouncers for critical signals.
    • Default states of pins ensuring safe behavior.
    • Internal data redundancy.
    • Powered by a fused supply.

    WARNING: you must understand that the wires must be properly soldered and glued. The solder points on the B2XR PCB must be covered with silicone.

    Q: When is the modchip powered:
    A: It is only powered when the battery is ON or charging.

    Q: Will it impact the range?
    A: No, despite powered while riding, the AMNESIA only requires 25 [mW] which is unsignificant. To give you an idea this is less than a single LED.

    Q: Can the modchip brick the B2XR?
    A: When properly installed, no :)